The Creative Photo Artist group stands for sharing of creative photographs, ideas and experiences and for sharing honest and sincere feedback to the authors. Membership to the group is by invitation.

- Goutham and Murali

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Terms of Usage

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Terms and Conditions   

The Terms and conditions for posting are important and should be read and accepted before you choose to participate. We encourage contributors who are courteous, polite and respectful. We discourage those who choose to behave in a disrespectful and/or irresponsible manner. We, our staff and volunteer moderators will take appropriate steps to ensure discussions adhere to these guidelines.

In general, we will leave it to you, the community, to manage your own conduct. We ask that you treat other forum participants with respect. Please remember that this is a public venue read by many people of all ages, from around the world, spanning all walks of life. Occasionally, our forum moderators will need to use their discretion to determine the best course of action. We have entrusted out moderators to do what is best for the global community, including regional communities, when appropriate. Moderators assist with focusing topics of discussion and will gently enforce guidelines, as needed. They can edit/delete posts, move, and close or delete threads, and temporarily moderate users posts.

Posting Terms:
1. Only one account per user is permitted and Membership to CPA is at the choice of administrators.
2. You must be the photographer and copyright holder of all material posted
3. You retain the full copyright of the pictures and content posted by you, but you grant CPA the right to use your images for display anywhere on this site.

Critiques and Comments
Critiques are to be used for any critical or praiseworthy comments about the critiqued photo. Members are encouraged to give constructive criticism and feedback for how photos can be improved. For all intended purposes, constructive criticism will be defined as “criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions” In other words “This photo sucks” is not considered constructive criticism. Critiques should include specific reasons as to why a photo is either good or needs improvement. Overly general critiques i.e. Nice shot, Great, I like it a lot! etc. are to be avoided.

Photographer's Notes:
Photographer's Notes are to be used for general or technical descriptions about the photo.

Other  Guidelines:
Personal attacks, harassing, intimidating, stalking or threatening other community members are not permitted and will not be tolerated.
Heated discussions are permissible; however keep it under control and respectful at all times. Do not flame people, and do not instigate fights. Replies are allowed, but remember that respectful conduct is expected. If you disagree with a post, just state your own opinion and reasons for thinking so. Do not intentionally start or perpetuate antagonistic or inflammatory threads, particularly those directed at another member. In particular, when someone posts personal insults or attacks, it is better NOT to reply (which can escalate the hostility), but rather, to report the post to a moderator. Remember: attack ideas but not fellow members!

Moderators will actively follow up on complaints raised about any of the above issues, and will take actions up to and including the deletion of the account of the offender. Moderators or administrators noticing anyone breaking the forum rules will edit, lock or delete the post. Moderators and administrators have final say in all situations where a post is edited, locked or deleted. You may not delete or publicly question moderator reminders in a post you have written. However, you can always contact moderators and admins by sending them a private message at admin@creativephotoartist.org

Moderators / Admins reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban user accounts at any time. Retaliation against such actions will not be tolerated and removed!

Creative photo artist reserves the right to terminate without notice your membership at any time, for any reason, including your violation of any of these guidelines